Getting Started / Go Live

Congrats you are all set to run your business on NM, yep its that easy. From here its all about getting familiar with the system and when you are ready, upgrading before your trial expires.

Here’s what we are going to cover:

  • LearnWhat goes into an invoice, Charges
  • Do – set up your invoice headers, whip up an Invoice, set up your prebuilt templates

Go live checklist

Here’s a go live gameplan to follow to ensure you are ready to bin the paper and get your business cranking with NextMinute


  • Accounting system linked
  • Set up all your jobs
  • Set up your team
  • Everything else


  • Intro for your bookkeeper or accountant – send them this overview (could do a popup form to capture bookkeepers details?)
  • Update you payroll processes to take advantage of the data coming straight from NM
  • Anything else?!?!?!


  • Get your admin users set up and trained – heres a simple user guide for them
  • Send through this app user guide to your team members
  • Hold a training session with your team so they are ready to use the app – use this simple training plan to get it done in 5 mins

Other things to do:

    • Need help? Click here to book a time with our customer success legends, we will get you cranking in no time
    • If you are all over it, check out the Experts onboarding guide for NextMinute – HF need to build this out with series of chapters etc with detailed how tos