Getting Started / Quotes

Let’s learn about jobs and how to import your jobs into NextMinute

Here’s what we are going to cover:

  • LearnWhats in a job (structure and nav)
  • Docreate a job, link your accounting system and import your contacts, delete dummy data


  • Quotes can be built quickly without having to do any manual input using your own price-books
  • Quotes are made up of different line items which are either labour or materials
  • Quotes can be sent straight from NM to client as an email which can be accepted or declined on the spot
  • When accepted the quote automatically generates a new job
  • Set up Prebuilt templates for the common types of quotes (or simply convert an existing quote into template)
  • You can invoice straight from the quote
  • Variations?!?!?

Setting up

Build a quote and send it

Set up a prebuilt template