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Job Management

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More jobs = more $$

Finish jobs faster, start the next one sooner, earn more money


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“At a glance, I can see what’s going on across all my jobs and see what’s coming up so I can keep my guys busy”

Jules Davis

Owner – Davcon Construction

Sam Wyatt

Education Manager

Manage your trade business from your phone


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All your job information when you need it

Access it all onsite, in the truck or at the pub

Job Management for trades

Always a clear picture of your forward job pipeline so know when you can fit in the new job you are quoting

Shuffle your team across the jobs to get them done quicker so they can get onto the next one

Your team knows where they need to be and when, no more 6am calls from team members

Do it all on the spot

Take photos, enter notes, tag in materials, assign labour – its easy

Jobs easy to view and manage

Dragin’ and dropin’

Shuffle your jobs and tasks back and forward to optimise your workschedule

Jobs easy to view and manage

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Do I need to enter a credit card to start a free trial?2021-04-07T07:58:35+00:00

No, we do not require any form of payment or credit card details to start a trail. When you are fully satisfied with the application (and you will be) you can opt to enter your payment details to subscribe to the users you need.

What are Admin Users?2021-04-07T08:01:01+00:00

Access to everything, typically the business owner, office, project, or management team members. These users retain full control over team access rights.

What are Mobile Users?2021-04-07T08:01:31+00:00

Admin Users control exactly what Mobile Users can see or do using NextMinute. Mobile Users can access Nextminute on any mobile phone or computer.

Are there any contracts?2021-04-07T08:02:09+00:00

No. Just pay for the staff you have in the system on a monthly basis.

What training and support is available?2021-04-07T08:03:06+00:00

We have an awesome online knowledge base via our help center, which includes easy to follow guides. Our new YouTube channel is packed with videos, and you can book a free demo at any point with Sam to help get up and running. Support via chat, phone and email is FREE.

Do my invoices sync with Xero / MYOB?2021-04-07T08:05:14+00:00

Yes they do. Once your accounting system is integrated though a super simple connection you can choose to synchronise invoices created in NextMinute.

Can I copy frequent job items from one job to another?2021-04-07T08:08:19+00:00

Absolutely. You can create a whole library of labour and material items to re-use across jobs, invoices and quotes.

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“I liked the the app and how easy it was for them to use. I don't want to have to be dealing with complicated systems and everything else.”

Melissa Dean Client

CJM Plumbing and Drainage - Melbourne

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Education Manager
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