Discover the digital apps modern tradies swear by. Advances in technology have brought to us improved workflow, streamlined communication, accounting systems that operate from the cloud and automated payroll and invoicing systems that make the work we do as tradies a whole lot more straightforward and efficient.  

Here’s our list of the best digital apps for tradies that make life on the job just that little bit easier:

Xero Integration
MYOB Integration

Accounting softwares:


If you haven’t yet moved to an automated cloud-based accounting package, that should be your first priority. Xero is the go-to accounting software for small to medium sized enterprises that allows you to import bank transactions as well as send out invoice reminders. With Xero time consuming paper-based tasks are a thing of the past. Xero stores all of your businesses’ financial data on the cloud so that you can make the most of your time on the job without the hassle of admin tasks and paperwork.

Xero is a reliable source of financial truth for your business. Know the exact direction of your cash flow and cover all business bases with integrated invoicing, payroll, reporting, record keeping features and more.


Do you have a medium-to-large sized enterprise? MYOB is the best digital app for tradies with larger businesses. MYOB’s accounting software is integrated with the ATO making sure you are always up to date. MYOB is accessible via the cloud anytime, anywhere. One key feature that differentiates MYOB from XERO is that MYOB works for enterprises of any size.

Receipt Bank

Automated and efficient, Receiptbank is the key to truly going paperless. Receiptbank will automatically import, process and categorise your supplier bills and invoices straight into your cloud accounting package. Receipt bank exports supplier invoices and seamlessly sends bills and receipts directly to Xero and MYOB, along with a documented image of the transaction.

Simply email your invoices through to Receiptbank and it will do the rest.

Send it

Forward through your supplier bills and statements to your RB inbox

Sort it

Receiptbank will read the bill details directly from your emails and pdfs, then (using machine learning algorithms) categorise each line item for you then pump it straight into your accounting system

Charge it

NextMinute will then pull the supplier bills through and match them to the right job – never miss a supplier cost again

Job Management


Designed for tradies by tradies, NextMinute is the go to job management app for tradies with timesheeting, quoting, invoicing, back costing, scheduling and more that plugs into your other systems.

It’s time to say goodbye to time consuming admin tasks that pile up over months on the job and hello to a digital filing system that stores your most important information all in one, secure digital location.
NextMinute saves you time on filing and administration, it also ensures all of your data and important documentation is stored safely in the cloud.

Keeping paper copies and emails of job costs is prone to error. Extra materials and work may have been paid for without being included in the total job cost. NextMinute’s job management app helps you to stay up-to-date with jobs and expenses in real-time.

You can access NextMinute anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer.
This powerful app built for tradies by tradies allows you to manage your business from anywhere, all in one place, on-the-go, on-the-job, or from home.

Smart payroll

Manually logging your enterprise’s payroll can be time consuming. Using a payroll service like Smart payroll gets everyone paid on time, with all the compliance boxes ticked so that you don’t have to worry about clients and employees missing payments or being paid incorrectly. Smart payroll plugs straight into your cloud accounting package so everything is up to date.

With advanced features that keep you up-to-date with the technology curve such as One Touch Pay – easily pay your whole team with one click.

This must-have app for tradies also includes a smart payroll system that integrates with the ATO and is the fast, easy and secure option for paying invoices anywhere, any time.

Stay up-to-date with your team on the job


Whatsapp chat groups are the easy and free way to keep in touch with your team throughout the day. Broadcast messages and reminders will help you get things done quickly. Bring your entire team together in one streamlined conversation or have personal one-on-once chats with select employers through their individual accounts. Whatsapp is the digital app for tradies that keeps your team in touch.


Streamline your payment process

Easily receive payments owed to your business with Square payment processing. With the countless transactions that happen from job-to-job, it can be hard to keep up all of the payments owed to your business. Square takes away the hassle and streamlines your payment process.

With Square, you can rest assured that your payments are held securely and processed safely. Opt for the easy and safe way to get paid either in person, online, or remotely.


Connect with your clients and show off your work to the world

Instagram is the best app for tradies that’s all about showing off your work. Quit the selfies for a while and showcase the projects you and your team have dedicated their time and hard work to. Instagram is also a great way to get your business more exposure. So get posting and show off the incredible projects your business has brought to life

Trialed and tested apps for tradies

Start downloading the digital apps for tradies that have been trialed and tested from the blokes who know their way around the site. Advances in technology just add to the tools of the trade, making your workflow more streamlined, efficient while saving you time and money.

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