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Back Costing

Account For All Costs

  • Start with a professional Quote – the set up is easy

  • Stage out the plan – now deliver to the timeline

  • Accurate invoices produced and sent faster

  • Full end to end visibility of your profit and WIP reporting

For your fixed price jobs, you can track section by section (stage by stage) as to your quoted costs vs actual costs so that you can stay on track and ensure you are profitable… in real time!

Ensure you are profitable… in real time!

Track section by section (stage by stage) as to your quoted costs vs actual costs


No more guess work, no more paper shambles


Get all the profits from your hard work


Quotes and Estimates the easy way

Set up for success

Back Costing Setup

Add rates. Standard rate, after hours, reduced rates – as many as you need

Add materials and inventory and understand your cost plus margin and your profit.

Delivery or travel charges. Add in disbursements on the go or from a standard list you create.

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Turn quotes into plans!

Quote to Plan

Create you quote and for each section you can now “Create Tasks”

Tasks can be “assigned to” your team work on – and timesheet

Plan out the tasks on the Job Planning application

Account for all Costs

Most glove boxes are full of receipts, so by suggesting ReceiptBank or Hubdoc, you can use your mobiles to get the data entry sorted. Once the receipts are in Xero they can be imported to NextMinute so they can be on-charged to the associated jobs.

Labour rates and other job-related expenses can be automatically marked-up, allowing for accurate costs to be captured on the client invoices

Supplier costs

Invoice and Report

Backcosting report and invoicing

Labour rates and other job-related expenses can be automatically marked-up, allowing for accurate costs to be captured on the client invoices. If running a fixed price job, you can capture progress invoices over time and incorporate any variations to bill. Invoices can then be sent directly to the customer via NextMinute and will again sync back into Xero.

Invoices created in the app are synced into Xero or MYOB for payment and reconciliation

Run a Back Costing report and get either a summary or detailed view on your back costing. You can also run the report for 1, some or all jobs  to help spot which jobs financial health (back costing) need attention.

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How does the NextMinute quoting software prevent underquoting?2021-05-10T08:35:46+13:00

NextMinute keeps all of your job costs in one, secure place. Simply log your material, inventory and labour cost under each job. Not only that, this information can be updated or changed as a job progresses. 

NextMinute quoting software will provide a detailed breakdown of all job costs so you and your client know exactly where the money is going. Once your quote is ready to go, the quote will be sent directly from NextMinute to the client which they can quickly approve, all with one click.  

How can I create a quote with NextMinute’s quoting software?2021-05-10T08:35:21+13:00

Make your quotes stand out from the competition with beautifully designed quotes created in the NextMinute invoicing and quoting software. Customise quotes and invoices by adding your logo, billing information and terms & conditions and send, it’s that easy.

How can I see if a quote has been accepted or rejected with NextMinute’s quoting software?2021-05-10T08:34:57+13:00

Instead of chasing calls and navigating through hundreds of emails you can check whether a quote has been accepted and its payment status all in one easy to navigate location.

Can I change and update my rates with NextMinute’s quoting software?2021-05-10T08:34:34+13:00

Yes, you quote directly from your rates – whether a job was completed at a standard rate, after hours rate or at a reduced rate, you can easily add variable rates to your quote.

How do I add or modify quotes with NextMinutes quoting software?2021-05-10T08:34:11+13:00

Simply navigate to Accounts and click through to Quotes. Here you can add and access new and existing quotes and review key client and payment information.

How does NextMinute quoting software work?2021-05-10T08:33:44+13:00

With the NextMinute quoting software, you can add all job costings that have been recorded in the NextMinute job management app. Bring quotes for materials, time on the job, travel and delivery costs all into one, with NextMinute’s quoting software.

Can I invoice at different rates with NextMinute’s invoicing software?2021-05-10T08:31:14+13:00

You can invoice in a way that works with your business with the NextMinute invoicing software. Whether you follow a fixed price, progress payment, cost plus or charge up invoicing method, NextMinute’s invoicing software works with you. Organising payments and bills just became so much easier with NextMinute’s invoicing software.

Can I include materials and other on the job costs with NextMinute’s invoicing software? 2021-05-10T08:30:50+13:00

NextMinute’s invoicing software accounts for materials, labour as well as payroll and timesheets, all in one easy to use app for tradies.

Materials and Costing Invoices 

Simply draft your invoice with material, labour and job costings all stored in NextMinute and push to MYOB or Xero. 

Payroll Invoicing 

Send out updated and approved payroll invoices with NextMinute’s timesheet and invoice software  integration. Simply approve your team’s hours and they will automatically show up in MYOB or Xero Payroll. 


Can you send an invoice directly from the NextMinute invoicing software?2021-05-10T08:30:11+13:00

NextMinute’s invoicing software has a 2-way invoicing sync that integrates directly with your Xero or MYOB account. 

With the NextMinute job management software, you can directly invoice supplier bills and staff costs from NextMinute. NextMinute’s invoicing software accounts for materials, labour as well as payroll and timesheets, all in one easy to use app for tradies.

How does the NextMinute Invoicing Software work?2021-05-10T08:29:36+13:00

NextMinute’s invoicing software has been designed to streamline the invoicing process for trade and construction businesses. With NextMinute’s invoicing software, you can send out accurate invoices that account for all materials and labour costs.  Access, review and send all of your invoices for every job done and material purchased all in one, easy to navigate location with NextMinute’s invoicing software. 

Invoice Software Notifications

Once an invoice has been paid in MYOB or Xero,  you will be notified in the NextMinute app for tradies, so you know exactly when a job has been paid for. 

Make an Impact With Your Invoices

With NextMinute’s invoice software you can directly send professional looking invoices with your logo, terms and conditions taking invoicing for construction and trades to the next level.
For more information on how to set up invoices and integrate with your accounting software access NextMinutes Invoicing Integration Guides.

How do I set up the NextMinute timesheet and MYOB Payroll integration?2021-05-10T08:22:37+13:00

It’s easy to set up the timesheet and MYOB Payroll Integration with Next Minute’s Job Management App. Get it up and running in 10 minutes! 

Integrating the NextMinute timesheet software with MYOB is done in 5 easy steps. To make sure the integration runs smoothly, access NextMinute’s complete guide on MYOB and NextMinute Integration here.

How does the NextMinute timesheet software integrate with MYOB Payroll?2021-05-10T08:21:34+13:00

Paying staff for their logged hours just became a whole lot easier with NextMinute’s timesheet software and payroll integration.

Once your team’s hours have been logged, simply approve them in NextMinute and they will automatically show up in MYOB Payroll. 

You can opt to import contacts from your MYOB Payroll account by simply checking the import contacts box. 

Simply approve the timesheet and it will automatically update in MYOB Payroll, it’s that easy. 

Access NextMinutes complete guide on MYOB and NextMinute Integration here.

How does the NextMinute Timesheet Software Tracking Feature Work?2021-05-10T08:20:41+13:00

Getting and keeping timesheets from employees can be a time consuming activity that can be prone to error. 

Say goodbye to illegible scribbles and water damage — it’s time to make paper a thing of the past with the Next Minute timesheet software feature.  

Instead of ruffling through hundreds of papers, you can see logged hours over time with totals that calculate the amount due all in one, streamlined digital location. 

With the NextMinute time tracking software feature employees can easily log their hours in real-time. 

It’s as simple as getting all of your workers on the NextMinute app and clocking their hours from start to finish. Once hours have been logged they will be sent to admin for approval, once approved, with NextMinute’s payroll and invoicing integrations, you can get your invoices paid at the click of  a button! 

NextMinute’s timesheet software makes job management easier, not only for your business but for your employees too!

Do my invoices sync with Xero / MYOB?2021-04-07T08:05:14+13:00

Yes they do. Once your accounting system is integrated though a super simple connection you can choose to synchronise invoices created in NextMinute.

Can I copy frequent job items from one job to another?2021-04-07T08:08:19+13:00

Absolutely. You can create a whole library of labour and material items to re-use across jobs, invoices and quotes.

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