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Job Management Software to Make Work Easier

Automate your workflow and get more jobs done, faster

  • Modernise the way you work

  • End-to-end job management

  • Built by tradespeople for tradespeople

trade job management

Everyone on the same page

Get more work done in less time with NextMinute.

See what lies ahead and stay on top of all the jobs you’re juggling. Notify staff about any on-the-job changes and make sure they know exactly where they need to be

Everyone on the job can see weekly, monthly, even yearly project schedules, so they can stay on task and be updated of any changes in real-time. Document key information with photos and notes that can be added to tasks and jobs so everyone knows how a job is progressing along with key information relevant to the job at hand. 

Systematise and streamline your orders with Next Minute. Our job management software allows you to place and track your orders and keep your supplier’s details on file. Once a quote is ready you can immediately send out your order form.

With the use of our profitability reports, you can quickly see the accuracy of your quotes and which stages of a job have been most profitable. Take a look back at past jobs with ease to see what worked best!

You won’t be met with an automated voice at the end of the phone line, but a real person ready to answer your call. Contact us during business hours and we promise that someone will definitely pick up.

Job Management for trades

More jobs = more $$

Finish jobs faster, start the next one sooner, earn more money


Get all the profits from your hard work


Quotes and Estimates the easy way


No more guess work, no more paper shambles

“At a glance, I can see what’s going on across all my jobs and see what’s coming up so I can keep my guys busy”

Jules Davis

Owner – Davcon Construction

Mathew Deitz

Sales Development Representative

Manage your trade business from your phone


NextMinute Job Management Software Features

Access it all onsite, in the truck or at the pub

Job Management for trades

Keep all of your important documents together and secure in the NextMinute cloud. NextMinute makes paper-based timesheets, invoices and quotes a thing of the past. Use the time spent on administration to bill more hours, get more business or to simply make the most of your hard earned time off. 

Send quotes and estimates at the click of a button. Our job management software keeps track of important documents, such as receipts or contracts. NextMinute’s templates can be personalized with your own logo and terms & conditions so your customers have a professional experience every time!

All of your invoice details are stored securely on our database that integrates seamlessly with MYOB and Xero accounting programs. Send partial or full-amount invoices for labour, materials and inventory in just a few clicks. Now you can manage your revenue on the go.

Do it all on the spot

Take photos, enter notes, tag in materials, assign labour – its easy

Jobs easy to view and manage

Dragin’ and dropin’

Shuffle your jobs and tasks back and forward to optimise your workschedule

Jobs easy to view and manage

What problem are you trying to solve?

What are the main features of NextMinutes Job Management Software?2021-05-10T08:32:28+13:00

Drag and Drop Jobs & Tasks 

As new jobs come in or tasks change, you can easily drag and drop jobs and tasks on the go, optimising your work schedule to meet the demands of your business. 


Assign Tasks and View Schedules 

Our job scheduling software allows you to assign tasks and share working schedules with the whole team. 

Keep everyone up-to-date by assigning tasks, your team will be directly notified of any updates or changes in real-time.


Stay Up To Date With Photos & Notes 

Keep everyone in the loop and up-to-date with a project’s status and have easy access to key job information by adding photos, notes and material updates on or off the job. 

Team members can access their working schedule and access key job information, as well as updating task progression and adding photos or notes as they go with Next Minute’s job scheduling software. 

How does the NextMinute Job Management Software Work?2021-05-10T08:31:45+13:00

Streamline on-the-job management with NextMinute’s Job Management Software. You can schedule jobs month-to-month and have a full year overview, so you know exactly what’s happening and when. 

Review job allocation and task status, assign tasks and see costs all in one easy to navigate menu with our job management software designed for all trades.

Can I copy frequent job items from one job to another?2021-04-07T08:08:19+13:00

Absolutely. You can create a whole library of labour and material items to re-use across jobs, invoices and quotes.

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“I liked the the app and how easy it was for them to use. I don't want to have to be dealing with complicated systems and everything else.”

Melissa Dean Client

CJM Plumbing and Drainage - Melbourne