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Landscaping Software

The job management software for landscapers!

I have a small team with a frequent rotation of casual workers. Across multiple sites, it is great to have all the time rolled up against the jobs for billing.


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All sides of a landscaping business in one tap

Take your landscaping business to the next level with our software for landscapers. With the whole job management process made easy with NextMinute, your landscape jobs will be streamlined allowing you to focus on what really matters, your work.

NextMinutes’ landscaping software is integrated to manage your business effectively with other functions such as appointment scheduling, dispatch, accounting, contract management, invoicing, and customer service. Run your business smoothly with advanced landscaping software.

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Complex projects made simple.

Get your landscape ideas flowing with the hassle of job management taken out of the equation. You already do fantastic work, and your clients love it, make their landscaping requests possible by using Nextminute’s landscaping software. Move mountains and terrains, all with Nextminute to take care of the admin and job management. Give clients a complete package offer that they cannot resist.

Best Landscaping Software with Seamless App Integrations

NextMinute is an all-in-one landscaping software that manages the planning, designs, collaboration, invoices, payroll, payments, contacts, and supplier bills. Our software is integrated with powerful tools like MYOB and Xero to make your work hassle-free.

  • Keep track of your finances with a seamless MYOB or Xero integration.

  • No more double entries in your payroll, contacts, and customer invoices.

  • Approve payroll and automatically link it to MYOB or Xero Payroll.

  • Monitor payments and invoices efficiently.

NextMinute Features

A landscaping software that does it all. Bring your creative landscaping and income-generating ideas to life with a range of customisable tools that suit your business.

  • Caters to both residential and commercial projects.

  • Allows you to collaborate with your team for progress updates, and communication

  • Software that keeps accurate invoicing and accounting records.

Get more jobs done in less time.

With more time to spare, Nextminute landscaping software can get more jobs done in less time. With this tool, you can easily plan, quote and close your clients. Communicate with clients and your team more efficiently. Save time in managing other areas of your landscaping business, too. Handle designing and planning while your team members take care of other business matters. Quote, cost and manage different business processes all in one software package. 

Our landscaping software can easily create accurate quotes with a complete package, from the quote, material list, plant information, and labor and tax rates. This software provides all the nitty-gritty details that clients need to know. You can even personalize your proposal with your own logo and signature. 

Link your invoicing documents to accounting software. With seamless app integration, seamless app integration keeps track of client payments, plant supplies, landscaping materials, salaries, and other bills. No more manual accounting jobs! There’s more money in accuracy. The landscaping business has never been this smooth, easy and efficient. 

Landscape planning and management, anywhere.

Work while on the go. No need to get stuck on your desktop. We’re a landscaping software that’s compatible across devices. Plan and manage jobs with any mobile device. Maximise your productivity and creativity with an innovative and flexible tool that will surely get you many clients.

timesheet on desktop

Avoid delays and scheduling confusion! Get to your plumbing job schedule on time. NextMinute Software for Plumbers allow you to delegate jobs easily and plumbers get to their destination right on time. Optimize routes, maximise transportation cost and easily dispatch plumbers by planning strategically with our easy-to-use calendar system. 

Think plumbing schedules and planning routes made easier!

One of the most critical and challenging tasks in the plumbing industry is sending accurate billing information. With this software, sending invoices is made easier. Everything is integrated into the app with a personalised touch using your logo, contact information, service details, prices and taxes.

Sending accurate billing information won’t be a problem anymore. When everything goes smoothly, you get paid instantly. Easily track unpaid invoices and get constant reminders, too!

Automated billing software is specifically made for plumbers! 

Get the best plumbing software service tailored to your needs.

For plumbers, every minute counts. Time is essential because it defines how much you pay for your plumbing services. It’s really important to keep track of your team’s workflow. Synchronise plumber’s tasks and get the job done as fast as possible. Organise your team’s daily activities and get accurate reports on how much work was done for the day. It’s not that you don’t want them to get paid. But, it’s to avoid potential loss from inaccurate timesheets. 

No more manual time tracking. Monitor productivity and job progress all in one place.

Invest in the best plumbing software that helps you manage your business and all of its working parts. 

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NextMinute’s team of experts developed this landscaping software for business owners’ convenience. We value customer satisfaction; that’s why our support team is always available for your concerns. 

We are very confident with the efficiency of our software system. We’ll walk you through it to facilitate ease of use and get well-acquainted with its easy-to-navigate features. Grow your business by maximising software utility. 

NextMinute software is available across different operating systems and devices: PC, Mac, Android, and IOS. So, you can easily access it even when you’re on the go. 

Change the way you get the job done. Book a free trial with NextMinute!

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