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Live Webinars2021-11-01T09:21:37+12:00

Watch a live webinar

Our live demo webinar is the best way to see how NextMinute works, and help you decide if it’s the right tool for your trade business. No matter what your level of skill with technology, we take you through the system at a very basic level, with plenty of time for questions and answers.

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Is pricing excluding GST?2022-03-02T13:59:14+12:00

Fees for New Zealand or Australian subscriptions exclude GST. If purchased in New Zealand or Australia you must pay any applicable GST amount in addition to the Fees.
Purchases outside New Zealand or Australia will be established in local currencies and exclude local taxes.

Do I need to enter a credit card to start a free trial?2021-04-07T07:58:35+12:00

No, we do not require any form of payment or credit card details to start a trail. When you are fully satisfied with the application (and you will be) you can opt to enter your payment details to subscribe to the users you need.

What are Admin Users?2021-04-07T08:01:01+12:00

Access to everything, typically the business owner, office, project, or management team members. These users retain full control over team access rights.

What are Team Members?2021-10-11T14:49:42+12:00

Admin Users control exactly what Team Members can see or do using NextMinute. Team Members can access Nextminute on any mobile phone or computer.

Are there any contracts?2021-04-07T08:02:09+12:00

No. Just pay for the staff you have in the system on a monthly basis.

What training and support is available?2021-04-07T08:03:06+12:00

We have an awesome online knowledge base via our help center, which includes easy to follow guides. Our new YouTube channel is packed with videos, and you can book a free demo at any point with Sam to help get up and running. Support via chat, phone and email is FREE.

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