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Cloud Based Software for Builders

Changing The Way Builders Do Business

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Now, with NextMinute, all of a sudden, boomfa! The boys nail it because they know that using it also doubles as their time sheets for payroll.

Jules Davis

Owner – Davcon Construction

Learn how NextMinute is changing the way builders do business.

Builders have a lot to think about, from meeting with clients and designing a building that will meet their needs, to getting the right price from suppliers and arranging deliveries so the materials are there when they need them. As if all of this wasn’t enough, it’s also important for them to look after themselves and their team, and make sure regular time off is built in to the schedule.

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Emily Ossington

Manager, Partnerships & Alliances

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Builder Software that Helps You Save Time & Money

Software for builders like NextMinute offers a real solution to these problems by making it simple for everyone involved in the project – from the office to the site – with access from any device at any time. Make the most out of features that offer real-time data on everything from invoicing, timesheets and supplies. Everything you need to get construction management right.

It’s time to stop juggling different construction software, accounting software and estimating software. Save money and time with NextMinute’s fully integrated software for home builders and construction businesses today.

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Having the right tools to work with is vital in the construction industry, and when it comes to project management it’s especially important. Management software helps construction businesses manage their time and work better.

For most builders an essential part of running a business is managing accounts and expenses, but it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of everything when they’re not working from a single office. Expenditure can be missed all too easily – and this means that taxes have to be paid on any amount which slips through the net, not to mention the inconvenience of having to take time out from a busy schedule to get everything back in order.

Management software for builders takes care of expense tracking by doing it automatically, using inbuilt integration with services like Xero and MYOB to make sure your document management is accurate every time.

Another time-consuming part of the construction industry is creating quotations, where they have to balance the cost of the materials against their labor – and guess what? This process can now be done automatically by using estimating software from companies like NextMinute

Estimating software takes just a few minutes to fill in an estimate template, which then goes through a calculation process to get the price. Everything from structural components, insulation and plumbing is taken into account, so you can get an accurate quote quickly and easily – which means that quotes can be put out more often.

NextMinute’s integrated estimating software streamlines the quoting and estimating process. With advanced Xero and MYOB integrations , contractors can quote, invoice and reconcile seamlessly without any double-entry. Send out estimates to clients and suppliers on the go from any mobile device. Take your construction business to the next level with NextMinute’s advanced document management software.

Management software for construction businesses helps keep builders connected. Builders receive live updates about what’s happening on site available to all staff whenever they need it. The result is that there’s no more waiting around for builders to send through word of their progress or problems which might arise – everything is visible so you know exactly where things stand at any given moment. Real time data is the key to saving valuable time when it comes to cloud based project management, giving you updates about what’s going on in a way that wasn’t possible before. NextMinute makes sure all builders on the job are on the same page.

Once you have access to real-time data, it’s possible to start using tools which can give a more in depth insight into what’s happening. NextMinute is a business management tool that allows you to have a holistic overview of the project as it stands, meaning that any problems or delays are more easily spotted and addressed with minimal effort.

Business management tools likeNextMinute also make it possible to run regular reports about how everything is going on the project, which can be used to analyse performance and make better predictions about when the project will be finished. Resolving any project management blindspots before they become issues – because it allows builders to spot problems ahead of time and take steps to put things right.

Using a cloud based system also means that all builders involved in a project can collaborate and communicate with each other. This kind of collaboration amongst builders doesn’t just help the work to get done more easily – it can also help reduce costs because problems can be spotted early on and dealt with before they escalate.

Management Software

Cloud based building software has come a long way since the days of manual punchcards, but there are still many companies out there who are utilizing cumbersome spreadsheets to keep track of all their vital data. The result is that they can’t get the full picture of what’s happening on site, which means that everyone working on the project has to make time to update spreadsheets when necessary – this is far from ideal when there are deadlines to meet.

Cloud based project management software has taken all of the stress out of keeping track of every aspect of a project. With document management features like automated updates, timesheets and real time job updates. Every single change or addition that happens on site is saved into the system and visible to all parties involved, meaning that there’s no need for anyone to take time out of their day to upload information.

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Builders who use construction management software for their businesses can see a difference in a very short space of time. Real time updates and information about what’s going on on site mean that projects come together more quickly, more easily and with less expense – it’s all part of everything being recorded automatically.

The reason that construction management software is so beneficial to construction business is because it places information in a way which makes it easier to access and use. When you have all the right tools for the job, there’s no stopping you from succeeding – and what’s more, your work can also be made simpler for everyone else involved.

For everyone in the construction business, this means that project management is easier than ever before, because there’s no waiting around for the data you need to plan and keep track of things.

Using construction management tools helps you save time which would have otherwise been spent on administration – not to mention the money which would have been lost when problems went unnoticed until it was too late to do anything about them.

It’s a win-win situation: You can get more jobs done in less time, and your business benefits from a job which is done right the first time.

NextMinute is an advanced job management software that gives you instant access on any device to all of the information you need.

Construction management tools like NextMinute make it easier than ever to get on with what really matters to builders – building your business.

Make the change to cloud based building software today. Trial the software solution builders swear by. Next Minute is a fully integrated, cloud based solution to all your construction needs.

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