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Software For Carpenters

Changing The Way Carpenters Do Business

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Now, with NextMinute, all of a sudden, boomfa! The boys nail it because they know that using it also doubles as their time sheets for payroll.

Jules Davis

Owner – Davcon Construction

Automate your workflow and get more jobs done, faster

NextMinute is a job management software for carpenters to efficiently manage and track construction business processes. With this job management software, tasks such as admin, time tracking, planning, scheduling, purchasing, and invoicing are made easier and simpler.

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Sam Wyatt

Product Expert

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Carpenter Software that Helps You Save Time & Money

Work on the job and in the office is now a whole lot easier for carpenters, with this intuitive software. With NextMinute, you can easily create a workflow schedule based on all of your project requirements.

With our app, carpenters can input the dimensions and get real-time updates of how their work is coming along on screen as they go.

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What’s more, with NextMinute you can upload photos and progress notes so everyone will have up-to-date access to what has been completed every step of the way.

Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and accounting. store all important project information and accounting details. and update and add jobs in real-time that the whole team can access. It’s all accessible and securely saved in this easy-to-use, cloud-based software for carpenters.

With more time to spare, NextMinute software for carpenters you can get more jobs done in less time. Job Management tasks like admin, invoicing and payroll get done faster all in one easy to use app.

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  • Brings all of your admin, invoicing, planning and scheduling together
  • Less Time On Admin = More Time To Get Jobs Done
  • Easily Send Invoices & Get Paid Invoice Notifications
  • Keep up to date and on top of all the jobs you’re balancing with NextMinute’s job tracking feature.
  • Monitor the status of all different jobs along with quotes, material & labour costs all in one easy-to-use builder software.
  • Know exactly how current jobs are tracking and see what’s up & coming so you can stay one step ahead of the game.

MYOB Payroll & Xero Accounting Software Integrations

Monitor ongoing jobs, send out invoices, keep an accurate time tracking and timely salary for workers. With this software for carpenters, approve contractors’ attendance, check workers’ payment details, and track suppliers’ information using MYOB and Xero Accounting Software.

Run your business more efficiently with this construction management software for carpenters.

timesheet on desktop

Our software for carpenters makes time tracking and payroll easy for you and your employees. You or your bookkeeper won’t have to manually count logged hours anymore. These are all accurately recorded for immediate approval, and timely payout. A hassle-free software for carpenters and employers!

Take the guesswork out of invoicing with our invoicing software. With NextMinute, you can send out accurate material and labour invoices in a flash. All of your invoice documents will be stored on the cloud that you can access at any time. Even better, know exactly when an invoice has been paid with our in-app notifications.

NextMinute’s advanced digital integrations allow you to check staff availability, assign contractors and employees, and make changes on the go. With NextMinute’s builder software you can plan to the very next minute and keep up to date with everyone on the job.
Checking the status of jobs, assigning work to contractors, paying employees and tracking timesheets and sending quotes and documents back and forth takes up a lot of time, almost as much time as the job itself. Streamline the process digitally with the latest software for carpenters, NextMinute.

Take the hassle out of material orders and make it as simple and straightforward as possible with NextMinute carpenter software. Keeping track of hundreds of different material and stock orders can easily get out of hand. NextMinute stores all of your material orders and supplier information in one secure, digital location that you can access anywhere, anytime. Once your quote is approved you can send out an order, it’s that easy.

Organising materials and stock you need for a job can be time consuming, playing phone hockey with suppliers, chasing up numbers and contact details all take precious time away from getting the job started. A job management system like NextMinute takes the hassle out of material orders, making it simple and straightforward.
NextMinute allows you to store all of your suppliers details in one easy-to-access digital toolbox. It’s as straightforward as getting a quote approved, once you’ve done this you can send out an order!
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