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Software For Carpenters

Work Made Easy with Software for Carpenters

Now, with NextMinute, all of a sudden, boomfa! The boys nail it because they know that using it also doubles as their time sheets for payroll.

Jules Davis

Owner – Davcon Construction

Automate your workflow and get more jobs done, faster

From admin, time tracking, to material orders to getting the work done on the job, as a builder, every next minute is put to work when running or managing a construction business.

Introducing NextMinute: the builder software made by builders that is changing the way builders work across Australia and NZ.

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Software Made for the Carpentry Trade:

From estimating projects to scheduling appointments to generating invoices at the end of a project, software makes a big difference to your daily routine.

Software made for carpenters helps carpenters work better and more efficiently.  It streamlines your processes, improves communication with other companies or partners, and lets you track far more data than you could ever hope to on your own.

With software that is designed specifically for their industry, you can streamline your workflow and spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what they love: making things with their own two hands. It’s a digital tool made for carpentry experts.

Learn about the software that can help you create better business plans, manage finances better, and get the job done.

timesheet on desktop

Software that helps with quoting and estimating is incredibly helpful for carpenters. No more jumping between Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs to try to make an estimate.

With NextMinute, you can easily calculate how much material will  be needed for a project and create professional looking quotes on the spot.

You can also track past projects and see which materials were used, how much they cost, and their resale value. All of this information is valuable for increasing profitability and making sure you’re using your services as efficiently as possible.

NextMinute software makes it easy to have conversations with clients because you can send them a quote or an estimate at any time. With your expertise in carpentry and advanced estimate tools, your customers are always in the loop.

Our estimate features lets you track the cost of materials over time, so that if your company uses certain brands more than others, you’ll know which are best for different types of construction projects.

When budgets are tight, this software can make a major difference in how you manage your company’s finances.

Keep track of all sorts of information, like subcontractor rates and employee schedules, time off requests, work orders, invoices, and payment records.

No more keeping track of contracts, payment records, and other important documents in a shoebox! All you need is your device or laptop to access the NextMinute features.

Business Management & Contractors software

Keep track of all sorts of information, like subcontractor rates and employee schedules, time off requests, work orders, invoices, and payment records.

No more keeping track of contracts, payment records, and other important documents in a shoebox! All you need is your device or laptop to access the NextMinute features.

This makes it much easier to keep track of past clients and projects and not accidentally double book appointments with clients.

Having software that can manage your customer relationship cuts down the number of times you have to open multiple programs just to keep track of past projects and where they are in the construction process.

“Time is money,” particularly where project management is concerned. NextMinute makes it easier to keep track of how long different tasks take and can help you get paid for the work you do faster.

You don’t want to spend several hours at the end of a project trying to remember how much time was spent on each aspect. NextMinute makes it much easier to keep track of billable hours.

Invoicing software 

Store your employees and suppliers details all in one place. With Xero and MYOB integration , invoicing software makes it easier for you to work with your workers and other companies.

Not only does this software help you save time and be more efficient in general, software for carpenters also makes it possible to easily create professional looking invoices with just a few clicks of a button.

Once a customer has approved and paid the quote, you will be notified  when your invoice has been paid,  and it will be automatically  filed in the NextMinute cloud database.

All software features designed for carpentry projects are focused on saving you time and making running a successful company as easy as possible.

You know what’s worse than no software? Too much software.

It can be confusing to juggle multiple programs that do similar jobs in slightly different ways, and it is a time waster that could have been better spent with a customer or on the job!

Taking your business online makes it easy to schedule your projects and manage all of your appointments, to-do lists, open jobs, and completed jobs in one online program. Get real time overviews of current jobs as well, so you know how they are progressing and what’s next.

timesheet on desktop

In this digital age time is money. With software designed for carpenters, you can easily create and send accurate and professional looking invoices and send them to your client at the click of a button.

Not only do digital apps designed for carpenters save time and increase productivity, but they can also increase accuracy by streamlining steps in the job process so nothing is lost in translation!

Keeping track of projects and making sure you don’t double book yourself can be incredibly challenging when juggling hundreds of jobs. NextMinute allows you to stay up to date in real time, all of the time.

That’s where software like NextMinute can make a big difference: you  can see exactly what jobs need to be completed weekly, monthly and even years so you can schedule accordingly.

Organising materials and stock you need for a job can be time consuming. Playing phone hockey with suppliers, chasing up numbers and contact details all take precious time away from getting the job started. A job management system like NextMinute takes the hassle out of material orders, making it easy, simple and straightforward to send accurate material orders at the click of a button.

NextMinute allows you to store all of your suppliers details in one easy to access digital toolbox. It’s as straightforward as getting a quote approved, once you’ve done this you can send out an order!


Software like NextMinute that has been developed by professionals in this industry, support is only a phone call away if you need it!

The team at NextMinute will run you through all the features, updates and advice you’ll need to make NextMinute work for your business.

Many programs are plagued with poor customer service. NextMinute’s support professionals are on hand to take care of any questions or queries.

NextMinute is backed by the latest technologies and it’s how software should be! It’s simple, intuitive, reliable features are everything you need in a program that will save you time so you can focus  on your business growth.

Knowing the industry you’re working with is key to making software that works! NextMinute was designed by tradies for tradies  to make software that is easy, quick and efficient.

And it’s available for both PC, Mac Android and IOS. So whether you’re onsite with your customer or working away in the office.

NextMinute software for carpenters is an all-inclusive software system that makes construction easy! Download it today and change the way you do business for good.

NextMinute’s features will help plan your jobs, manage your invoices, keep track of stock , material orders and enable software support when you need it.

For software designed with carpenters in mind download NextMinute software today!

Change the way you get the job done. Book a free trial with NextMinute!

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