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“NextMinute helps me take care of the business. The time sheeting functionality is outstanding and being able to look at margin and hours is really great too.”

Jules Davis

Owner – Davcon Construction

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How do I set up the NextMinute timesheet and MYOB Payroll integration?2021-05-10T08:22:37+13:00

It’s easy to set up the timesheet and MYOB Payroll Integration with Next Minute’s Job Management App. Get it up and running in 10 minutes! 

Integrating the NextMinute timesheet software with MYOB is done in 5 easy steps. To make sure the integration runs smoothly, access NextMinute’s complete guide on MYOB and NextMinute Integration here.

How does the NextMinute timesheet software integrate with MYOB Payroll?2021-05-10T08:21:34+13:00

Paying staff for their logged hours just became a whole lot easier with NextMinute’s timesheet software and payroll integration.

Once your team’s hours have been logged, simply approve them in NextMinute and they will automatically show up in MYOB Payroll. 

You can opt to import contacts from your MYOB Payroll account by simply checking the import contacts box. 

Simply approve the timesheet and it will automatically update in MYOB Payroll, it’s that easy. 

Access NextMinutes complete guide on MYOB and NextMinute Integration here.

How does the NextMinute Timesheet Software Tracking Feature Work?2021-05-10T08:20:41+13:00

Getting and keeping timesheets from employees can be a time consuming activity that can be prone to error. 

Say goodbye to illegible scribbles and water damage — it’s time to make paper a thing of the past with the Next Minute timesheet software feature.  

Instead of ruffling through hundreds of papers, you can see logged hours over time with totals that calculate the amount due all in one, streamlined digital location. 

With the NextMinute time tracking software feature employees can easily log their hours in real-time. 

It’s as simple as getting all of your workers on the NextMinute app and clocking their hours from start to finish. Once hours have been logged they will be sent to admin for approval, once approved, with NextMinute’s payroll and invoicing integrations, you can get your invoices paid at the click of  a button! 

NextMinute’s timesheet software makes job management easier, not only for your business but for your employees too!

What are Admin Users?2021-04-07T08:01:01+13:00

Access to everything, typically the business owner, office, project, or management team members. These users retain full control over team access rights.

What are Team Members?2021-10-11T14:49:42+13:00

Admin Users control exactly what Team Members can see or do using NextMinute. Team Members can access Nextminute on any mobile phone or computer.

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“I liked the the app and how easy it was for them to use. I don't want to have to be dealing with complicated systems and everything else.”

Melissa Dean Client

CJM Plumbing and Drainage - Melbourne