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Compare CoConstruct to NextMinute

NextMinute and CoConstruct are both built specifically for builders and construction trades. They are designed for managing the more complex projects common to builders, carpenters and construction trades.

CoConstruct features really suit the larger building companies with 30+ staff, whereas NextMinute is perfect for building businesses with 5 to 50 staff. NextMinute is much more cost effective while providing the core features of CoConstruct and more.

NextMinute’s job planning features stand out and the supplier invoice import integration makes back costing easy and effective. CoConstruct has a good customer portal whereas NextMinute does not, yet (roadmap priority item).

Builder Trend
NextMinute Best Job Management App

Compare NextMinute to CoConstruct

Builder Trend
NextMinute Best Job Management App

Pricing for the United States of America.

Builder Trend



USD only! Prices converted to local rates (Feb 2023)

USD Total
Exchange Rate
Monthly USD


  • Scheduling

  • Daily Logs & To-Dos

  • Timesheeting

  • Invoicing

  • Payments

  • Subs Portal

  • Client Portal

  • CRM (Leads, email marketing, client messaging)


  • All Essential +

  • Receipts

  • Change Orders & Variations

  • Purchase Orders

  • Limited Accounting & App Integrations

  • Estimating and Bids

  • Digital Takeoffs

  • CRM (surveys, RFIs)


  • All Advanced +

  • Automated Payroll

NextMinute Best Job Management App



Pay for what you need, simple.

Total Users
Monthly USD

Admin User

  • Supported by local specialists that know residential trade business like the back of their hand. Here for you when you need them, on your schedule.

  • Access to all reports and the dashboard

  • Full visibility to create and edit jobs and tasks

  • Work assignment and notification to the team

  • Build and template quotes and issue to customer

  • Integration features – connect to Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB

  • Create and maintain Job Plans in the Gantt Chart

  • Create and send invoices and sync to Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB

  • Financial summaries and back costing

  • Full contact management

  • Staff timesheet review and syncing into Payroll

  • Full administration access to customise user roles and system set up

Team Member

  • Access to only their assigned Jobs and Tasks

  • Fast and seamless timesheet entry

  • View what they are scheduled on

  • Ability to take photos and view files

  • Receive messages to action tasks

  • Provide job notes and updates back to the office

What Our Customers Say

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Comparing NextMinute 1 Admin and 5 Team users against the BuilderTrend Pro Plan



Easy to use mobile apps
Fully featured mobile app built for fat fingers
Apple Android Apple Android
Job Management
All job information in one place, available anywhere – contacts, files, notes, photos etc
Job planning
Fully drag and drop gantt chart including multiple jobs
Easy to use timesheets with configurable rate cards
Payroll integration
Accounting system payroll integration and standard payroll extracts for other systems
Template driven job quoting and workflows
Quick job invoicing for both fixed price and cost plus, integrated to accounting system
Supplier invoice integration
2 way supplier invoicing sync, match supplier invoices to jobs for accurate cost allocation
Detailed back costing
Job and stage level profitability analysis incorporating all material and labour costs
Full reporting suite including live WIP report, job profitability and timesheet analysis
Customer Portal
Customer facing portal incorporating progress updates, invoices, variations and customer interactions
$ $$$
Easy to use mobile apps Apple Android Apple Android
Job Management
Job planning
Payroll integration Xero MYOB
Supplier invoice integration Xero MYOB
Detailed back costing
Customer Portal

Simple Tools

Remove the complications of running a construction business and spend more time with family, friends and fishing.

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